ATLANTA Industry 4.0 Smartphone Website Now Available

ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the ATLANTA Industry 4.0 smartphone website, which gives customers direct access to product data of ATLANTA racks and servo worm reducers, as well as special features such as product scanning and Gear Rack Mapping. The website is located at:

The latest generation of ATLANTA racks are marked using a modern laser marking system, which ensures proper identification and traceability of the rack. In addition to the part number, production lot and year of production, our racks also have a 2D matrix code and a serial number. This matrix code can be scanned with a smartphone using the ATLANTA Services website, which allows you to access the actual measurement data of the rack in the cloud and further information or tools.

With the world’s first "digital" rack from ATLANTA, you can enter the world of smart drive technology of tomorrow, providing machine builders huge performance improvements and productivity gains.

With the Product Scan tool on the website you can access product-specific information stored in the ATLANTA Cloud.  The Mapping Tool on the website allows you to determine the optimum assembly sequence of a defined number of scanned racks.  This allows machine builders to optimize their axis drives on site using standard racks.

For more information, contact ATLANTA Drive Systems at:  (800) 505-1715, or on the web at: